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Life is Like a Box of Bejewelled Macarons

January 5, 2015

macarons rings

Can jewelry get any sweeter? We just came across “The Sweet Box” – a box of rings reminiscent of a box of chocolates…..delicious!

Wear a single ring, or even 4 or 5 together, let your sweet-tooth-craving decide…

The Sweet Box

Each ring has been given a candy name and each embodies an emotion: love, protection, luck, happiness, energy…

The Sweet Box


The Sweet Box was created  by Olivia des Cressonnières – a Belgian who decided to merge the best of Belgian luxury products: fine jewellery with delicate chocolate…

Available in white gold, yellow and 14-karat rose. Stones are available in 9 different colours, and one can choose between a case of 4 or 9 rings.

The Sweet Box

Yes, they look totally scrumptious, but ladies, they are not edible!

Easy to wear, handmade and beautifully boxed…and make a fabulous gift! Check our their websiteThe Sweet Box

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