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Barbie shows off

June 27, 2016
barbie in paris

It’s all about Barbie darling and her perfect fashion sense! Over 700 Barbies are making the iconic Parisian Museum of Arts Décoratifs ‘home’ until 18 September 2016. Showcasing an exhibition devoted to Mattel’s iconic Barbie in all her fashion splendor  – expect Barbie in her outfits and her many various professions (from astronaut to aerobics instructor)  since 1959 to the present Continue Reading…

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Meet Artist Audrey Botbol

April 1, 2014
Audrey Botbol - Love and More

We recently found a new artist to obsess about – meet lawyer-turned-artist Audrey Botbol. Why we love her? Her work celebrates color, sincerity and them feel-good vibes! Best of all, other than explosions of emotions, AB’s favorite subject matter is “the woman” and “her subsequent eccentric outfits and accessories”….

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Catherine Deneuve for Le Bon Marché’s 160th Birthday

August 27, 2012
bon marche catherine deneuve

Who better to celebrate one of Paris’s most established fashion institution “Le Bon Marché’s” 160th birthday than the legendary French fashion icon Catherine Deneuve herself?  And how you ask? From September 8 – October 6, 3-D comic illustrations by graphic novelist and illustrator Marjane Satrapi depicting Catherine Deneuve will grace the window displays of the Bon Marche as well as a documentary directed by Loic Prigent both highlighting what she loves best about Paris’s Left Bank…

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Nissim Ben Aderet – onelineonebreath

January 22, 2012
Nissim Ben Aderet – known as the black and white sketch artist, one line, one breath, gave Paris its first taste of his fabulous creations at a vernissage hosted in a magnificent penthouse apartment in the 7th district boasting a top to bottom view of the Eiffel tower in all its linear glory….how appropriate!
The Tel Aviv-based artist is where his linear intertwined world comes to life – his work is a process of understanding lines, rationality and emotion…..yet his creations are free from the constraints of logic…Black on white, loud on soft, complex on simple – and we loved it all!  Hosted by David Wizman, owner of Wild Gallery, it was a soiree for Parisian art lovers to sip on champagne and get entangled in NbA’s work….