Cartier's Carat liquid diamonds

"We say that light is the smell of flowers, hence Carat is a living abstract flower" says Cartier's in-house Perfumer Mathilde Laurent...

MD of Cartier Laurent Feniou added: "Perfume is about creation, emotion and beauty and Carat is our invisible jewels"...

Carat perfume is essentially an extract of the most beautiful part of nature encapsulated in a bottle....because after all, both diamonds and perfume were born in nature....

All this I learnt at my recent invitation to Cartier's Carat Floral workshop given by one of the UK's leading floral designers John Carter at the magnificent Cartier's HQ La Residence on New Bond Street....

Laurent Feniou talking with renowned floral designer John Carter

Laurent Feniou, Mathilde Laurent and Lea Vignal-Kennedy

Voila our creations! With my girlfriends Krystal and Sandy (and me)


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