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Iskenderian and their Timeless Treasures

A good friend from Switzerland recently called and she told me about a Geneva-based high-end jewellery brand that has come up with an app where one can "wear" some of their finest jewels on oneself (super-imposed of course). Now that caught my attention!

Curious to know more and who, she revealed that it was the 4-generation-old company, Iskenderian, masters of rare metals, gems and artistic sensations spanning through the elegantly nostalgic eras. Naturally I tried the app and tried on the jewels!

I decided to blog about them as I often get asked where one can find authentic, high-end antique and vintage jewellery. Voila, Iskenderian.

Their pieces travel back in time through romantic adventures and passionate affairs somewhere far and exotic (I'm thinking palm trees, martinis and red lipstick)....

Iskenderian has been actively passing on timeless and eternal treasures for over a century , using only the finest savoir-faire in jewellery. They specialise in searching far and wide for precious emeralds, sapphires and rubies, natural pearls and rare objects from the Belle Epoque, Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. They pride themselves in the culmination of priceless collections both for private buyers and museums around the world...

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