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Paris in Spring

Every now and again it's healthy to spend a weekend in Paris (and preferably in the spring because that's when all the colours pop out, like big red doors, charming window displays with purple tule, and the bustling terraces of cafes with their flashy orange awnings)

Walk aimlessly around the Marais, and discover its hidden gems that make this neighbourhood so quaint..... like Le Dome Du Marais

Did you know this place used to be an auction house?

Wearing my 'Sunday best for a stroll in the Marais' on this warm spring day....

Glasses Chanel, T-shirt Zara, denim skirt Stella McCartney, handbag Eric Goyard

Toddler is wearing: red stripped top Jacadi, floral shorts Zara kids, sandals Gallucci and stroller a bugaboo bee

One of my daughter's (and mine!) favorite boutique is Repetto - just look at that dreamy purple flower tule tutu.

My daughter is wearing straw hat Marks & Spencers, top Billeblush, shorts Jacadi

I just have to credit this photo to my 5-year-old son taken along our walk around the Marais right by Le Sevigne restaurant....

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