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Lucy Choi London

Just stepping into Lucy Choi London's boutique is like entering a world of shoe-fantasy! Flowers, chandeliers, bright colours, bedazzling prints and crazy shapes seem to cascade from the shelves, merge into one, and delicately land onto one's feet in the form of shoes! OMG shoes.... So dreamy and yet so appropriate for this ever so charming designer, Lucy Choi (psssst and who also happens to be Jimmy Choo's niece!). I was invited to a private event held by "Kensingtonmums" at the boutique to try on shoes and sip on champagne, yes my kind of an afternoon. So I headed over with my 7 year old, who shares my passion in shoes, of course. I must have tried on 10 pairs until I finally settled on a pair of pointed black-and-white-print flats with a large gold buckle strap (scroll down to see them, you can't miss them!) which I think will look perfect in a little black dress or a pair of fitted jeans for the summer. My afternoon appropriately ended off with a fun photoshoot with Lucy outside her boutique on 18 Connaught Street London W2 2AF. We had a good laugh and concluded that a (shoe) playdate needs to happen in the near future!

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