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Patrick Roger chocolates

A good friend from Paris came to visit over the weekend, and in her hands were 3 mint green paper bags - in each was what I soon discovered to become my favorite French chocolate ever! Bonjour to Patrick Roger! Oh my! His chocolates are a complete and utter mouthwatering luxury for the taste buds. I found it hard to stop popping them in my mouth. Patrick Roger, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France is all about the finest products and sculpting them into delicious treats.

Naturally, one can order Patrick Roger's creations online – including my favorite, caramelized almonds – but to appreciate PR as a sculptor too, it's best to actually step in to one of his boutiques (in France!). In the windows, you'll find his large-scale chocolate sculptures (most of which are of wild animals entirely made of chocolate) A chocolatier and an artist all rolled into one - keep an eye out for his exhibitions and indulge yourself in his magnificent edible delights

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