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Sonia Rykiel pour H&M – Bravo!

All that glitters is Belle en Rykiel! The Sonia Rykiel for H&M launch went beyond fashion, it was a feast and THE event of the fashion year with the streets of Paris still buzzing (or should I say sparkling) about Rykiel.

Affordable and worshiped fashion giants H&M joined forces with the glamorous house of Sonia Rykiel to create it’s first ever guest-designer line of lingerie (and knitwear) – this was certainly a cause for celebration and what a fabulously deliciously glittering and magical evening it was! The Grand Palais was turned into a wonderland with every corner of the palace ‘Rykiel-ed’ out – champagne was served in tall black glasses, glitter was sprinkled on the carpets, the ambiance was made of that Parisian dark velvet and the rhinestone effect glistened everywhere – on the cut out trees and even in that enchanting music playing in the background…it was more than Wonderland, it was Paris in Paris just all dolled up!

Instead of the usual cat-walk along the runway – models were driven on floats dancing, posing, hanging off chandeliers, swinging on swings, rolling on  beds, sipping on champagne, and riding bicycles – with British model Lily Cole magnificently opening the parade while holding the reigns to the head of a huge carousel-horse – and all this while wearing lingerie, of course.

The collection itself is sizzling! There are pieces in the well-known Sonia Rykiel multi-stripes, others with the famous rhinestone signature, others in dusty pink boudoir inspired 1950’s Hollywood glamor, and some very sexy  pieces that have flowers strategically stitched – all in satins, silks, velvet and lace. Not to mention the accessories that I just have to get hold of: slippers, brooches, hair-bands, kimonos, suspender belts and tank tops (models were also dressed in SR’s knitwear collection which will only be coming out next year).

So who was there? Obviously the queens of the night Sonia Rykiel  and  daughter Nathalie , as well as other celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Eva Herzigova, Philippe Starck, my mother-in-law mega fan of SR, and die-hard SR lovers dressed to impress in all their glory.

Me all dolled up in SR

model Alice Dellal (on left)

actor Kate Bosworth

fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth and stylist Sascha Lilic

Nathalie and SOnia Rykiel from the back

Upon leaving this enchanting soirée I was given a ‘Belle en Sonia Rykiel’ rhinestone encrusted pillow in black velvet – a collector’s item reminiscent of this historic twist in lingerie…BRAVO!

Check out Paris Popcorn’s video of the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M event:

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