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Sandy's Closet Cure

Meet Sandy, from the Closet Cure and a much sought after stylist. Not only can she spot a fashion trend before it happens, but she can create the perfect look for any occasion - be it a black-tie event or the after-school-pick-up look. She knows her way around London's finest clothing boutiques and shopping with her is both comforting (she will not let you buy anything unless it's perfect and essential) and inspiring. For me, she is the real deal influencer, influencing me to buy smarter and to buy less, to 'think before I wear' and how to feel stronger through my choice of outfit.

We set aside an hour and went through my closet: what needs to go, what should stay and how to breathe a fresh look by combining what I already have into a new look entirely. This was hands down one of the most therapeutic things I have done for myself in a long time.

I donated to charity more than 50% of my clothes. And it feels good! Less is definitely more. Now when I open my closet, I see exactly what I have, there is a feeling of lightness and chicness and relief to finally feel like I own my closet and look.

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