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Loving "Jomo"

For those who know me, I like (no, LOVE) to be everywhere. Going out, socialising, being part of the buzz, the hum, cheering my drink and dressing up or down for the occasion is-totally-my-thing. It's in my Argentinian blood I guess...I'm a "Fomo" through and through (Fear of Missing Out, for those not in the loop with urban slang)

As of late though, I have discovered 'JOMO' - the Joy of Missing Out. We live in a very busy world and making a point to just pause a little to to slow down is actually quite essential and part of good health I think. So I've bought myself some great home-wear to lounge about in the house, I've subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Kindle and a night on my sofa is actually quite amazing and very fulfilling. As my younger sister once said to me "the party is where you're at".... and to be honest a good dose of Jomo is well worth popping open a bottle of wine in my kitchen.


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