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About Me

I'm a London-based South African-French-Israeli-Argentinean lifestyle reporter and mum to 3 kids. Yes! That's quite a mouth full, but I am very proud of my 4 cultures and 5 languages, and mostly exposing my children to such diversity. 

I combine my take on fashion, travel, culture & lifestyle with moments that are real and current to me in my life.  Brands that I collaborate with are often handpicked in order to make my reporting relevant and honest to my readers. I like to think of Paris Popcorn as a micro-influencer that people enjoy following for its down-to-earth approach and hence find inspiration while paging through my little online "homemade" magazine.​

I have been an influencer, copywriter, and creative director (and a professional voice-over artist!)  since 2008 working mostly from Paris and London consulting various brands both established and start-ups - helping with the creative direction of their content and also creating enticing visuals & texts. Every image and word is carefully curated resulting in what I aim for "a spellbound digital story-telling".


Since launching in 2008, I have worked with a wide clientele of global brands including Bulgari, L’Oreal, Veuve Clicquot, and Vitamin Water. I am also the face of the Paris-based tea company Nous Tea, an organic tea company that connects with nature and that supports the broader human communities in need around the worl​d. I love the sustainable, I love what connects and inspires people, and while pouring my heart into what I do, I love most combining motherhood with a dose of ‘glamourhood’. I like to keep things real, no one is perfect, and that's the beauty of it all! 

Please don't be shy and contact me for collaborations! I'm always happy to hear about new projects and ideas.

Nirit Sumeruk d'Abbou

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